HypeHorizen Welcomes SimonKeyIsland

HypeHorizen welcomes SimonKeyIsland to our member list. Simon is a Hearthstone Twitch streamer who can also be found on YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. Not to mention on our HypeHorizen Twitch channel, where he occasionally co-casts our twice-monthly, TNTHype Tournaments. He also regularly writes for our HypeHorizen website too!

It was not what, but WHO got Simon into streaming. It’s all thanks to PandatasticMan, who Simon found on Twitch. Simon was impressed with how he handled his chat, his skill in Hearthstone, and his positivity while streaming. One day, Panda asked Simon why he didn’t stream. Simon was inspired and began streaming too!

Simon has been streaming for nearly a year and looks up to fellow teammates DraccoCat and PandatasticMan, among others. Simon has struggled with focusing on his numbers as well as the technical stuff and a language barrier to boot (Simon’s from Germany!)

For aspiring streamers, Simon recommends being yourself and finding your way. Just do it! Don’t hesitate to ask for help, even from our fantastic team members. To Simon, Hype means staying focused on your goals. He never thought he’d be a member of HypeHorizen which has provided a lot of support. On our team, you can develop as a streamer and as a person, as Simon can attest from his growth.

Simon can be found on Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch! His usual stream is on Sundays at 3 p.m. CET. Simon recommends checking out the rest of our website and our team streamers. As well as consider joining our fantastic team yourself!

If you’d like to join our fantastic team CLICK HERE and apply today!


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