HypeHorizen Welcomes AZDesertSmurf

HypeHorizen welcomes AZDesertSmurf to our roster. She is a kind and dedicated, Twitch streamer, who mostly streams Hearthstone but has branched out into Baulder’s Gate Three as well. She took her name from her high school basketball nickname of ‘Smurf’, and then in true Smurf fashion added the AZDesert to her name due to her love of her homeland. Smurf loves Arizona and the desert and thus it just came together.

She thanks HeartKween, her fellow HypeHorizen member, for her inspiration to start streaming. She started watching HeartKween as well as a few other Twitch streamers during the pandemic and lockdown. Come the autumn, her internet connection improved to a speed that was suitable for streaming and the rest is history!

Smurf has been streaming for nearly 2 years now, her anniversary is December 6th. On top of HeartKween, Smurf looks up to TitoSantanaHS and JackDRipper within HypeHorizen. Outside of Hype, she looks up to LanguageHacker who coaches her in Hearthstone. She also looks up to MaritimeMax and what she does with Battlegrounds in Hearthstone. She enjoys watching streamers grow and succeed.

As a streamer, Smurf has faced a lot of age discrimination and declares it her biggest challenge as a streamer. She has been called names and demeaned due to her age, but the best course of action is to simply block the haters!

If you’re an aspiring streamer, Smurf says, “It should never feel like a burden to go stream.” She advises watching for burnouts and making sure that you’re always having fun while streaming. To Smurf, Hype means camaraderie. We can share our struggles and things that are going on in our lives with the HypeHorizen team. Many of us share similar experiences and happily support each other within our Discord.

Smurf can be found in the early morning when she streams with her coffee at https://twitch.tv/AZDesertSmurf. Welcome again to our wonderful team, we’re happy to have you AZDesertSmurf!

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