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The Hype Rizing Stream Team is your journey to becoming a HypeHorizen Team Member and our official community for all gamers and streamers.

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Applications to join Hype Rizing are open and give you a path to be on the main team. Complete the form below and we will contact you soon.

    How times per week do you stream?


    Hype Adventurer

    Welcome Adventurer your journey will not be easy, but rest assured you’re not alone. We respect your desire for hype.



    • Affiliate or Recommendation from HypeHorizen or Hype Rizing (Warrior+)


    • Start streaming and grow!
    • Follow all team members on Twitch
    • Display provided HypeHorizen logos & carousel
    • Use of [HypeHorizen] in Twitch titles


    • Discord flair
    • Exclusive team chat
    • HypeRizing Team addition on Twitch

    Hype Scholar

    Ah yes Scholar, you’re learning. You’re respected and greatness awaits you. Keep growing and studying.


    • 10 CCVs & 200 Followers
    • 8 days/16 hours per month
    • Register and/or use HypeHorizen Sponsors
    • Follow all previous Expectations


    • Active on Discord
    • Follow and interact with team members on Twitter/Social Media
    • Follow Branding guidelines (commands&panels)
    • Follow the Team Guidelines
    • Create 1 piece of content for the HypeHorizen Website per Month

    Benefits (in addition to previous tier)

    • Group Giveaway Access
    • Chances for monetary compensation
    • Shop referral link for 15% commission 
    • Previous Benefits included

    Hype Warrior

    A fierce Warrior, you are more respected and an advocate of strength and endurance.

    Hype Rizing Warrior


    • 20 CCV/500 Followers
    • Positive feedback from Mentors/Admin
    • Video editor
    • Follow all previous Expectations

    Expectations (in addition to previous tier)

    • Refine your stream and commit to your brand!
    • Promote HypeHorizen shop 
    • 30+ clicks per month on Referral Account
    • Review new applications if asked

    Benefits (in addition to previous tier)

    Mentions on HypeHorizen socials and site community articles

    • Access to Mentors
    • Previous Benefits included

    Hype Guru

    Your mind is stronger, Guru, you’re a leader and mentor. Your adventure continues and you’re ready to help others be triumphant.

    Hype Rizing Guru


    • 50 CCV/1K Followers
    • 12 days/25 hours per month
    • Follow all previous Expectations


    • Sell one item from HypeHorizen shop per month
    • Wear/Use HypeHorizen merch during streams
    • Participate in HypeHorizen events


    • Shop Discount Code
    • Spotlight in a monthly article
    • Deep discounted or complimentary HypeHorizen merch
    • Coop/collab with the main team
    • Previous Benefits included

    Hype Hero

    Your journey is never complete, Hero, you’re hyped and ready for more. You’re a hero to many and they cheer for you!

    Hype Rizing Hero


    • 75CCV/2.5K Followers
    • Recommendations from other Team Members
    • All the Previous Tiers Expectations


    • Be available for mentoring


    • Twitch Partner application assistance
    • HypeHorizen contribution up to $50 per month on giveaways and promotion
    • Complimentary merch store items and perks 
    • Eligible for promotion to HypeHorizen Team.
    • Previous Benefits included

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions about this application, please contact us.

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