HypeHorizen Welcomes BeingRachel

HypeHorizen welcomes BeingRachel to our roster. Rachel is mostly a Hearthstone streamer who focuses on Free to Play aspects of the game. She is a kind and collected, Twitch streamer, who is also into graphic design, she also has a YouTube channel.

Rachel came up with her name when she named her computer HumanBeing as a joke. She then began using the name HumanBeingRachel, but when it came to Twitch she wanted something shorter and snappier, and thus BeingRachel began.

Rachel has always been a gamer but started playing Hearthstone in 2014. She started watching other streamers and finally decided to try it for a short period in 2015. After a few years’ break, she returned to it in 2022. Now she’s going strong and even has a competitive edge.

As a streamer, Rachel has faced a balance between being herself and not offending people. Holding back can sometimes be a challenge for her. The duality in attention is also a challenge between the game and paying attention to her chat. It’s something that’s hard to balance!

For new streamers, Rachel says that it’s something you have to want to do. If you’re doing something you love to do, stream it! Consistency is key, and some people are enjoying what you enjoy, so why not get in there and share it?!

To Rachel, Hype is a fantastic partnership where we come together to help each other to accomplish our goals and help each other to stay confident.

Rachel doesn’t have a set schedule but tries to always be on Friday nights after 10 pm plus a variety of pop-up streams, usually at night. She can be found on https://twitch.tv/BeingRachel/ playing Hearthstone.

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