Welcome DracoCatt to HypeHorizen

It’s another great day for HypeHorizen as we give a big “Meowdy” to the latest addition to the Hype Team. From making waves in the music industry, to diving into the top ranks of Hearthstone and our hearts, we are honored to announce the latest addition to the HypeHorizen family, DracoCatt.

Meet DracoCatt

Hey, I’m Andrew and I’m a competitive Hearthstone player and a streamer. I’ve been playing card games my entire life and I got into Hearthstone during the beta in 2014. I used to be a professional Smash Bros player.

I had been searching for a game to showcase my video game abilities for years. After hitting legend for the first time I went really hard on Hearthstone because I believed that I could be one of the best players out there. I just recently got back into the competitive circuit of Hearthstone and I can’t wait to make some waves.

Watch DracoCatt on Twitch: DracoCatt

Welcome DracoCatt to HypeHorizen

Hearthstone Esports

Being a full time competitive Esport player would be another dream turned into reality. I have a weird perspective on this because I spent my entire youth believing I’d be some kind of rockstar in my adult life. After learning the hard lesson that our paths are not predetermined as I believed in my youth I fell in love with watching streams on Twitch.

I realized I wanted to be a streamer myself. Not having music as a creative outlet was a weird thing but now that I have my stream, friends, and community I feel like I have more of a platform to be creative than ever before.

Streaming on Twitch

I stream on Twitch for the simple reason that I believe it to be the true live performance platform out there and it’s where I go to watch my favorite creators live.

My favorite part about streaming has to be the entertainer aspect of it. I live for the heart-to-hearts and super deep conversations about life that I get to have with viewers. Knowing I can impact someone’s life in a positive way just makes everything worthwhile.

DracoCatt Goals

It’s amusing how streaming/gaming makes you better at interesting things. I work in IT and the reactions people have to my live video tutorials are always hilarious; “I feel like you do this all the time!?”. -I do Karen, I do.

My long term goal would be to eventually be a full time Esport caster. I want to be an experienced caster however which means I need to make it in the big leagues first so right now we’re working on step 1. Accomplishing ambitious goals is a part of who I am from landing my first record deal to joining this amazing Esport team.

I can’t wait to bring along all of the friends I’ve made on the way on this exciting internet journey.


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