Mobius: Join the Revolution

HypeHorizen Esports is proud to announce our exciting new partnership with Mobius! These two innovative companies have a shared passion for gaming and esports. The revolution is coming, will you be a part of it?

HypeHorizen Esports is a rising star in the competitive esports world, providing support, mentoring, influencer monetisation, stream assistance, and game training to its roster members. Mobius, on the other hand, is a tech company building a deep technology that will revolutionise the gaming experience. By combining their strengths, HypeHorizen and Mobius aim to take the gaming world by storm.

Now, meet Mobius; an innovative, agile, and gamer-focused company building deep technology to transform the gaming experience. Their app is available on Overwolf and offers a uniquely easy and intuitive way to create and manage Hearthstone tournaments with automatically reported match results and many more exciting features coming in the future. What sets Mobius apart from other solutions in the Hearthstone community is the automatic nature of their platform, which automates all the hassle involved with setting up and managing a tournament. With full Discord integration that simplifies competitive gaming, leaving uninterrupted gaming as the focus.

This partnership with Mobius will leverage HypeHorizen’s connection with the Hearthstone community. This will be accomplished through tournaments with prizing, tailored for the community. Prized tournaments will allow players to experience the benefits of Mobius’ innovative technology first-hand. HypeHorizen will also be able to offer its roster members access to Mobius’ cutting-edge tools and features enabling them to improve their gameplay and compete at the highest levels.

Mobius is here for the long run. They are building a deep technology that will change the face of esports. Electing to start their journey with Hearthstone they will pave the way for the future of other games with unique and interesting offerings. Check them out today as they are constantly updating their platform every month.

Together, HypeHorizen and Mobius are set to revolutionise the gaming experience for Hearthstone players and the wider gaming community. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting partnership!


A competitive esports organization to provide support, mentoring, stream assistance and game training to its roster members. Follow us on Twitter @HypeHorizen, Instagram @HypeHorizen and YouTube @HypeHorizen

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