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The Twitter algorithm utilizes data points ranging from .01 to 1+ and any value below 1 can negatively impact a post, while anything above 1 can positively affect it. Understanding how the algorithm works can help you optimize your Twitter strategy for maximum engagement. Here are my key takeaways that I have found that I believe can help you leverage the Twitter algorithm to your advantage:

Likes, Retweets, then Replies – The ranking parameters are as follows: each like gets a 30x boost, each retweet a 20x, and each reply only 1x. It’s more impactful to earn likes and retweets than replies. So, if you want to boost engagement, aim for more likes and retweets.

Images and Videos – Both images and videos lead to a nice 2x boost. To make your content stand out, add images and videos to your tweets.

Links – Generally, external links get you marked as spam. However, if you have enough engagement, links won’t hurt your engagement. So, be mindful of your engagement levels when using external links in your tweets.

Mutes and Unfollows – Mutes, blocks, unfollows, spam reports, and abuse reports all hurt your engagement. So, it’s important to avoid any behavior that may result in these actions.

Blue Checkmark – Paying for the blue checkmark gets you a healthy boost. If you’re serious about boosting your engagement, consider getting the blue checkmark.

Misinformation – Anything that is categorized as misinformation gets the rug pulled out from under it. Be sure to fact-check your content before sharing it on Twitter.

Clustering – The algorithm puts you into a grouping of similar profiles. It uses that to extend tweet reach beyond your followers to similar people. So, make sure to engage with similar profiles and use relevant hashtags to increase your reach.

Posting Outside Your Cluster – If you do “out of network” content, it’s not going to do as well. To maximize your engagement, focus on hammering home points about your niche.

Words and Spelling – Words that are identified as “unknown language” are given a 0.01 penalty, which is a huge penalty. So, make sure to double-check your spelling and avoid using made-up words.

Followers, Engagement, and User Data – The models take in three inputs: engagement data, user data, and the follower graph. So, make sure to focus on building your follower base and increasing engagement to maximize your Twitter reach.

Understanding the Twitter algorithm is key to maximizing your engagement on the platform. By following these key takeaways, you can be on your way to optimizing your Twitter strategy and increase your reach on the platform.

All information was taken by evaluating the code on GitHub, I suggest you do the same if you have some time. (GitHub Twitter)


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