Interview With Dreivo — 20 Questions To Go

Today, there’s a special guest on our website, Dreivo! I’m excited to interview him today! Enjoy!

1.What are achievements that you are proud of?

I’m proud of my top 8 & top 2 on Master Tours finish, but also of top performance in France, like M.E.O Redbull Worlds : Top 4, representing France (2021), or Gamer Assembly win (2022).

2. Why did you change your name to «Punisher»?

In my pract group (Kalaxz, xBlyzes, Gaby, Zhym), Kalaxz said let’s change nickname in Superhero. They changed, then after all I finally choosed Punisher, cause I love the Serie and Frank Castle.

3. What’s a feature you’d like to see in future HS updates?

I would love to see, as Fireside Gathering, some way to create a tournament in HS, or at least list them for people that would love a goal on the game. I started HS like that, by doing tournaments, but it’s not always easy to know all the websites that hosting Tournaments.

4. How long did it take you to. get that long-awaited Twitch Partner?

Three months after the first application for twitch partner. 6 Month after starting streaming a lot.

5. When did you start with professional HS?

Early 2018, I started playing in offline tournaments. But played Strivewire online tournament in the middle 2017.

6. What is something worth seeing in your hometown?

Eating Tacos from Lyon. Best french tacos 😉

7. What are you doing in your free time?

When I don’t stream/youtube video or coaching, preparing my website, Hearthstone guide, going out and Tryhard Rocket league, learning Poker recently.

8. If you had to choose one of the previous centuries to live in, which one would you choose and why?

Early 20th, Peaky Blinders serie is so cool (~1920), this period was probably pretty cool).

9. Something in your life that you would’ve done differently?

Nothing, making mistake is the way to success.

10. Do you think there are other species in outer space?

Yes of course.

11. You probably have the Arthas skin. How was it like seeing the power of the Lich King for the first time?

The power of LK was huge, insane meta if I can remember.

12. Do you believe in the conspiracy theories about the return of Death Knights in the next expansion?

I don’t really follow consiracy, mostly based on fact.

13. What are you dreaming about?

Doing my best to go to world, the first step, and making the best all countries Website of Hearthstone Guides.

14. Give me your greatest song!

Love Experience from Ludovico Enaudi 🙂

15. Do you like being interviewed?

Even if my english is not yet perfect, I like it a lot.

16. Do you have pets?

Only one cat, but parents one.

17. What games do you enjoy playing alongside HS?

Rocket League, Valorant, Poker, LoL, TFT, Among US, mostly tryhard games.

18.What activity is still on your bucket list?

Discover the world (f*ck covid 🙁 )

19. What is the best picture you took all by yourself?

In South Korea, high building from Seoul.

20.What do you usually eat for breakfast? I bet it’s not croissants…

Sometimes croissants, « baguette », with a chocolate, sometimes coffee. But also like eggs 🙂

Thank you for your time and patience, Dreivo!

Make sure to follow Dreivo on Twitch for insane, top legend streams and content!

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