First Friday Frenzy Comes To HypeHorizen

Author’s note: First Friday Frenzy is completely free to enter. You just need an NA account.

Hello TFT players! Next Friday, Feb. 5, at 8:00 PM EST will be the first Friday of the month. What happens on the first Friday of the month you might ask? Well, First Friday Frenzy of course!

What Is It?

First Friday Frenzy is a monthly online tournament held every first Friday of the month that’s been going on for over two years. We started as a Hearthstone tournament and have pivoted into TFT a little over a year ago.

It’s open to anyone who has an NA TFT account and joins the HypeHorizen Discord. It starts at 8:00 PM EST and let me tell you – we’ve got some big plans for this and future ones.

What’s New?

I’ve personally hosted First Friday Frenzy completely out-of-pocket until now lads. That limits the prize pool a bit and what can be done with the tournament.

But now, HypeHorizen has thrown the power of hype behind First Friday Frenzy’s sails and we have a bunch of new features for your tournament-attending pleasure.

  • Four times the prizes. Yes; four times.
  • First through eighth get prizing instead of first through fourth.
  • Tournament casting by TFT educational streamer extraordinaire RazmaGaming (use code RAZMA5 for $5 off HypeHorizen products).
  • A whole extra round. Now, we’ll have four qualifier rounds instead of three.
  • 64 slots. Get ready for huge tournaments!
  • Some extra stuff in the works. Stay tuned and stay hype!

How It Works?

As stated: as long as you have an NA account, you can register. For a detailed breakdown of the tournament, you can go here.

But a tl;dr of how it works –

  • Players are seeded randomly in a round-robin style tournament.
  • Based on finishes, you get points.
  • After four rounds, the top eight players advance to finals.
  • Points are mostly reset and after two final rounds, prizes are given.
  • ???
  • Profit!

Register Now!

There’s no extra info; just register. It’s gonna be lit!


Hi, I'm Fornari and I've been playing TFT since the day of release, peaking at 269th NA (nice) season two, and finishing either Diamond 2 or Master every season. I've been coaching for three years, including over a year of TFT coaching.

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