Because of Hype Horizen’s growing foothold in the streaming market on, FIFINE Technology recently announced that it had become an official sponsor for the esports team.

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FIFINE Technology officials say the partnership will build on Hype Horizen’s presence in the streaming industry and offer competitive affiliate deals to its team members. Viewership sponsored streams will take place on the Hype Horizen roster’s channels over the next few months.

A company spokesperson for FIFINE stated, “Our goal for Hype Horizen streamers is that we hope they could use their influence to improve our brand’s awareness by promoting the microphones on Twitch streams, attracting more traffic to our website. For the stream viewer community, we strive to provide budget, decent quality products. Hopefully, the people who want to get into the streaming world or even the experienced streamers can know more about our microphone and choose it to update their setup.”

The partnership goes into effect mid May 2021. In addition to its general designation as an official sponsor, FIFINE Technology and Hype Horizen have collaborated to produce promotions and sponsorships in the past for Thursday Night Throwdown, a monthly Hearthstone Tournament. Further plans to offer microphones and streaming equipment for streamers are the primary components of the partnership.

“Back in June of 2020, FIFINE Technology believed in us within the first few weeks of opening. They helped legitimize us as a force in the esports industry by offering prizes to our viewers and competitors. We continued working with them to get where we are now. I especially appreciate their openness and willingness to become Twitch streamers favorite choice for audio and visual products.” says VengaDragon

Affordable microphones and technology for streamers is a high priority for FIFINE Technology. Hype Horizen Streamers and Competitive Team players, Dmoneygames, LiquidOx and McBanterFace, have been chosen to kick off the partnership featuring three different microphones from May to July 2021.

When asked about the products, a FIFINE representative exclaimed, “There are many models on our website, and you can always find the one you want! The setup of all products is quite easy, and no extra drivers are needed. Also, we will provide a two-year warranty for your order so that you can relieve your worries. There is nothing that can beat the price and quality!”

Another goal of FIFINE Technology is to create awareness for their affordable, high-quality products and become a leader in helping streamers augment their audio quality on their channels.

FIFINE Technology shared their thoughts about the partnership, “Hype Horizen is a team full of potential, and it’s growing day by day with more and more outstanding streamers joining. We made a collaboration with them last year and got a great promotional effect. They proved that this team is a trustworthy partner. And we believe they will also do a good job during this three-month sponsorship.”

Hype Horizen is a European/USA-based esports organization with streamers from all around the globe. FIFINE Technolgy can ship products to Europe and the Americas. The FIFINE infrastructure allows for fast shipment and competitive rates when getting its products into the hands of streamers and content creators.

Sponsorships and partnerships are available to anyone being a part of the Hype Horizen organization. Applications for joining the Hype Horizen Competitive Team are open. The team also is accepting applications to join the Stream Community Roster under the name Hype Rizing. For further information, contact us using the Contact Form.


FIFINE is a newcomer in the audio industry growing rapidly to be a globally oriented firm within a decade. FIFINE’s mission is servicing streamers by being the best in both products and service. FIFINE offers great-value products and customer-friendly service in the market of the US, UK, CA, MX, RU and JP.


HypeHorizen is a fast-growing esports team as well as a stream team. The organization is always looking for competitive talent as well as influencers. Hype Horizen is open to working with up-and-coming streamers and players of all skill levels. If you have interest in joining HypeHorizen or becoming a sponsor, please use the contact form here: Contact HypeHorizen.


The founder and CEO of HypeHorizen.

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