Valorant Team Update

This Monday our Valorant team competed at the Nerd Street Summer Championship 10!

Our first match was against Vexo Esports on the map Breeze. Rexgator lead the charge as Viper, backed yongled as Sova, Bahzar as KayO, Oblock as Jett, and Q as Cypher. We opened as the attacking team but Vexo’s defense was on point, defusing every plant we attempted except for one. By the time we switched to defense, Vexo had us read and just started going for team kills, ultimately taking the W.

Our second match was against Happy Accidents on the map Ascent, with Hype opening the attacking team again. We decided to switch up our strategy; Rexgator swapped Viper for Brimstome, and Bahzar, Q, Oblock, and Yongled switched to Sage, Killjoy, Neon, and Skye. This time we were far more aggressive, using the spike to build pressure and secure the win through team kills. Everyone pulled their weight, with 4/5ths of the team getting more kills than the top player on the opposing team. Honestly, we slaughtered them.

Our final matchup was against Built By Gamers on the map Ascent, with Hype opening as the attacking team for a third time. We kept the same team composition from the previous round, and it served us well. We ultimately lost, but only by a single point. The battle raged on for 44 minutes, with Hype holding their ground, not letting Ascent ever get more than a few wins in a row without payback. It was a good showing overall, and I’m proud of the team for giving it their all until the bitter end.

Overall it was a great showing for the team. We’d also like to shout out our newest member, Bahzar! He’s an old “Black Squad” pro, and recently got into competitive Valorant! He’s a hard worker, and a great friend. Recently, we have played in many tournaments, with the most popular ones being Nerd Street Gaming Open’s 1 and 3! In each of these we made it out of groups 2-1, but lost in the first round of playoffs. In NSG Open 1, we lost 5-13 to OXG academy, then beat Team Suits Gaming 13-11, and Glueface 13-10 to make it out! We lost 0-2 in a best of 3 to Soar, a professional Valorant team. In NSG Open 3, we beat Moonrise 13-2, lost to Lenny time 9-13, then beat Moonrise again 13-11 to win! In the first round of playoffs, we lost a close best of 3 to Zero MarksMen Black, losing 1-2. We have a slew of important upcoming events, such as the VCT Qualifier 2 on May 5th, and multiple more NSGs coming up!

Past Tournaments

  • May 2 VALORANT Online Open 4 | Nerd Street Champs | $3,500
  • May 5 VCT Qualifier
  • May 11 Knights Gauntlet Circuit Monthly
  • May 18 Knights Gauntlet Circuit Weekly
  • May 22 VCS
  • June 4 NA Open Qualifiers | VALORANT Summer Invitational
  • June 11 NA Open Qualifiers | VALORANT Summer Invitational
  • June 13 VALORANT Online Open 10 | Nerd Street Champs | $3,500

Upcoming Tournaments

  • June 25 NA Open Qualifiers | VALORANT Summer Invitational
  • July 9 VALORANT Online Open 13 | Nerd Street Champs | $3,500
  • July 11 NA Open Qualifiers | VALORANT Summer Invitational

If you’d like to get more involved in Valorant, a good start would be our Valorant competitive overview guide.


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