McBanterface Is Going to Worlds!

The Grandmasters season 2 came to a close on Sunday, culminating with the top 8 players from the 7-week season participating in a playoff to decide who will represent the Americas server at Worlds.  HypeHorizen had two members that made it into the tournament — Dreadeye was the 3rd seed, and McBanterface won on tiebreakers over NoHandsGamer to take 8th in his first.

The seeding of the playoff bracket was exciting for fans of Hype Horizen — Dreadeye and McBanterface were on different sides of the bracket, so they wouldn’t face each other until the final round.  Unfortunately, Dreadeye fell on Saturday to eventual second-place finisher, Muzzy. It was Dreadeye’s third match of the day (and second in a row), which likely led to some fatigue.

On the other side of the bracket, McBanterface eased through both opponents on Friday, propelling him to the top 4 on Sunday. First up was season 1 winner, Nalguidan, in a close 3-2 finish. In the second match, McBanterface avenged Dreadeye by taking a close 3-2 win over Muzzy to punch his own ticket to Worlds!

Check out the VOD of the Finals below! If you’re interested in coaching from the man himself, CLICK HERE.

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