Hype Horizen Partners with Fit Club NY

Hype Horizen Esports Team partners with Fit Club NY to offer holistic sports rehab and strength conditioning to esports teams, gamers and streamers.

Hype Horizen and Fit Club NY endeavour to provide an environment to assist gamers, streamers and esports players to lead healthier lifestyles through specific rehab/prehab exercises and sports coaching. Fit Club NY offers sports rehabilitation and orthopedic care in three locations across New York City. In response to Coronavirus, Fit Club NY provides virtual rehab for clients across the globe using conference calling technology like Zoom.

VengaDragon stated, “I’m proud to display their logo on our jerseys. I’m hyped about partnering with a company that is all about improving athletes’ physical and mental stability, especially when their CEO, Dr Kellen Scantlebury, showed an interest in esports. Because gaming and streaming are sedentary, I realized the potential to help streamers, gamers and esports players feel better through a positive mindset as well as physical training.”

In 2022, Hype Horizen will be hosting monthly sessions with the Sports Rehab Doctors at Fit Club NY to promote better streaming, gaming and wellness for the team. According to Zoom Blog, “82% of people managers feel more equipped to build strong teams that would work well together when they and their colleagues have their videos turned on.” In these meetings, Fit Club NY will provide Hype Horizen Team members with the tools to be knowledgeable advocates of healthy gaming and the Fit Club NY brand. During the team meeting, members will learn essential exercises and stretches to help prevent overuse injuries and learn tricks and tools for healthier gaming, esports and streaming.

When asked about the journey into esports, the Fit Club NY CEO, Dr Kellen Scantlebury, stated, “Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are also former athletes who are extremely comfortable pushing our clients to their physical limits. We understand the athlete mentality and will do everything in our power to make sure our partners are strong and healthy for their esports competitions. Fatigue, injuries, mental health and rehab in esports are no longer overlooked, and we want gamers and streamers to experience healthy living the Fit Club way!”

Using the hashtags #HEALwithHYPE (#hypeheal) for the programs aimed at the viewers of gamers and esports businesses are an integral piece of the campaign for awareness. The hashtags attract high profile influencers, gamers and esports organizations that can benefit from the services of Fit Club NY. As a result of getting more gamers and esports organizations involved, the community benefits by becoming a more healthy, less toxic/sedentary environment.

When we asked COO, SkaJohnny about the partnership, “The cooperation between these two industries is often overlooked but essential. Esports players need to remain in top physical shape. It’s easy in our industry to get lazy and put on the pounds. Luckily we now have access to Fit Club to help deal with the strains and sedentary lifestyle that gaming/streaming can have. “

If you have interest in joining HypeHorizen or accessing the services of Fit Club NY, please use the contact form on hypehorizen.com or fitclubny.com

About Fit Club NY

Fit Club was founded in 2015 by Dr. Kellen Scantlebury. His mission was to create the ultimate human performance facility in NYC. Fit Club specializes in helping New Yorkers reach rehab, fitness and wellness goals.

About HypeHorizen

Founded in 2020, HypeHorizen is a fast-growing esports team as well as a stream team. The organization is always looking for competitive talent as well as influencers. HypeHorizen is open to working with up-and-coming streamers and players of all skill levels.

Read the Press Release on pr.com Released on December 22, 2022: Hype Horizen Esports Partners with Fit Club NY


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